As Twitchy reported earlier, President Trump determined Monday’s news cycle by announcing that he’d been taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventative measure against contracting COVID-19. Every journalist and pundit weighed in on social media; here’s Liz Mair:

For what it’s worth, this editor’s wife has been taking hydroxychloroquine for over a decade and suffered no side effects at all; it’s an anti-malarial that is prescribed off-label to treat lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Does taking it to prevent contracting the coronavirus work? We don’t know, but we’re not concerned that the president is going to die if he’s taking it under a physician’s care.

Of all the pundits who went crazy over the news, one of the most surprising was Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, who went through a number of studies showing that patients literally on their death beds died even after taking hydroxychloroquine. After flipping through study after study, Cavuto stressed that this drug will kill you.

Oh, that VA study that CNN hyped up even though it included only 368 patients, was not peer-reviewed, and was not randomized — and we’re not sure of the ages of the patients or any underlying morbidities they might have had.

Let’s hope the people currently taking hydroxychloroquine under a doctor’s supervision don’t take Dr. Cavuto’s advice and stop taking it because it will kill them.