As Twitchy has reported, President Trump has often taken a beating in the press for suggesting the same thing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has suggested, with Democrats fantasizing that Cuomo will somehow become the Democratic nominee for president instead of Joe Biden due to his impressive press briefings.

Trump suggests that there will be tremendous repercussions if the economy isn’t reopened and he’s accused of valuing money over human life; Cuomo says, “At some point, you have to open the valve because this is not sustainable” and you don’t hear one word of criticism.

Drew McCoy has a great thread Tuesday about the praise Cuomo has received from the press versus the results in his state, inspired by this piece from NBC News:

Yep, the same goes for Republican Gov. Brian Kemp and Georgia when it comes to partially reopening some of the same businesses that Democratic Gov. Jared Polis of Colorado has allowed to reopen. Georgia’s attempt to reopen is called an “experiment in human sacrifice.”

And every other state is supposed to model the reopening of its economy based on how New York City is faring in its fight against the spread of COVID-19.


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