As Twitchy reported Friday, new White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany made her debut at the press briefing room and was quickly asked by the AP’s Jill Colvin, “Will you pledge never to lie to us from that podium?” McEnany said, “I will never lie to you,” but journalists are already saying she broke her pledge within her first 15 minutes on stage.

As one tweeter mentioned, it would have been nice for her to follow up and ask the press to make that same promise, or at least not to take quotes out of context. And one of the most proficient at doing that is Vox’s Aaron Rupar, the guy who still calls the charges of Planned Parenthood selling baby parts “conspiracy theories … that were based on misleadingly edited videos.”

It didn’t take long for Rupar to pass around a clip in which he says McEnany broke her promise within minutes, claiming the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh were “verifiably false.”

Note that Rupar handily left the words “some of” out of his quote.

Ask Rupar and his buddies if they believe that, or if they’re just going by their assumption that Kavanaugh was guilty of every charge against him.

That he spiked the punch at high school parties and then manned the gang-bang room? Ask Michael Aventatti and his client about some of the salacious, awful, and verifiably false accusations that were made — we hear he’s out of prison now because of the coronavirus scare.

We played the whole clip several times and we’re still trying to find the lie. How many minutes did the mainstream media take to take her out of context, though?