As Twitchy reported earlier today, House Majority Whip Steny Hoyer decided after speaking to the House physician that members of Congress aren’t essential employees after all and would not be returning to D.C. next week as previously planned. That means Speaker Nancy Pelosi can stay in her home and shelter in place until it’s safe for the House to return.

Pelosi is 80 years old, which places her in a high-risk group for contracting the coronavirus, so how does she stay safe, seeing as she’s second in line for the presidency? That’s what San Francisco Chronicle reporter Tal Kopan wanted to find out.

One way she’s staying safe while at home is having family members step in in place of her paid staffers. That’s sweet. Kopan writes:

Pelosi, however, spent much of last week in the Capitol, working to pass a bill adding nearly $500 billion in coronavirus relief. She covered her face with silk scarves matching her outfits, and at times wore latex gloves.

Pelosi’s staff and protective detail of U.S. Capitol Police are wearing masks like the speaker and walking several feet away from her as she moves around the building. When she held a signing ceremony after the latest coronavirus bill’s passage, gloved and masked staff members prepared and cleaned the pen and documents.

Pelosi traveled to her San Francisco home shortly after Congress passed a $2 trillion rescue package in late March, then returned last week. She continued her frequent media appearances using a computer from her kitchen at home, with some family members stepping in to help set her up in the absence of staff.

Did Pelosi do media appearances from her kitchen at home … it seems to ring a bell.

We read all the time about liberals pledging to donate their organs to keep Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg alive … where’s the love for Pelosi?