There’s even a handy Latin name for this fallacy — post hoc, ergo propter hoc — in which something which happened first is assumed to be the cause of what happened next. Maybe The Hill didn’t intend for its headline to imply causation, but it certainly reads that way.

To be fair, other outlets went with the same angle, like Fox News, the New York Post, and the Independent:

There’s nothing false about The Hill’s headline, but what’s the connection between the protests and the spike in cases? How many people were even there at the protest?

“Kentucky experienced its biggest daily increase in positive coronavirus cases, just two days after anti-lockdown protests,” The Independent reported.

It all depends on what perspective you bring to the headline — the comments make it pretty clear that those who want to see a correlation between new cases and the protests got exactly that from the tweet.

How about this headline instead? “Kentucky sees highest spike in coronavirus cases despite lockdown”?


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