OK, we need to pull this classic up from the archives before we get to our featured tweet because it demonstrates so well how liberals can consistently get things wrong:

Hillary Clinton supporters were sad; some lay on the floor of the Javits Center crying, while others admitted that they went to the restrooms and threw up. However, they were also angry: there were riots in Portland after the election results were announced and violence on the streets on Inauguration Day as Antifa set fire to a limousine owned by a Muslim immigrant:

But bestselling author Don Winslow thinks that we should prepare for rioting and violence in the street when President Trump loses to Joe Biden, because there’s no way he’s just going to hand over power peacefully.

We got us a tough guy over here …

You really should turn them in to be destroyed so they can’t be used in a school shooting; that’s the only responsible thing to do.

Seriously, this narrative has been going around since before the inauguration and the projection is just off the charts. If Joe Biden were to win, all the “gun nuts” on the right would be disappointed and then go to work the next day, just like they did after Mitt Romney lost.