Daniel W. Drezner has a piece in the Washington Post Thursday checking in from Earth 2, where Hillary Clinton won the presidency, and seeing how the COVID-19 pandemic is going there. Or would it even be a pandemic were Clinton in charge? Drezner admits in his tweet that he gave Clinton “every benefit of the doubt,” which could get you killed if you’re, say, an ambassador.

Drezner completely blows the illusion by assuming Donald Trump would still be whining about the 2016 election as Clinton has done:

Allegations that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention mishandled initial coronavirus testing protocols continue to plague the administration, as have accusations that Clinton browbeat the Food and Drug Administration into approving testing kits using regulatory standards lower than standard FDA protocols.

Trump, who has essentially been campaigning since his surprisingly narrow loss in 2016, told his allies in Congress to demand an inspector general report from the Department of Health and Human Services for mistakes made in containing the spread of the coronavirus: “THE CDC WAS BAD AT EBOLA AND A DISASTER AT CORONAVIRUS!! WE NEED TO HEAR FROM THE IG!!!” he tweeted.

Trump also mocked a public service announcement by former presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush advocating that those in the affected quarantine zones wear masks when they go outside. “Look at Tweedledum and Tweedledee — what a joke! None of this would have happened in a Trump administration. Sad!”

Meanwhile, in real life, when Clinton saw the headline that the United States led the world in coronavirus cases, she tweeted, “He did promise ‘America First'” — the most tasteless and tone-deaf tweet we could have imagined. And that actually happened.

Earth 2 fan-fiction is not helping contain the spread of the coronavirus on the real Earth.