We literally couldn’t tell you how many tweets we’ve seen from people certain that President Trump has some massive financial stake in hydroxychloroquine and that’s the reason he keeps talking up the drug as a possible game-changer in the fight against COVID-19. The New York Times blew the story wide open Tuesday, reporting that Trump has a small interest in Sanofi, which makes the brand-name Plaquenil.

How small? Really small. So small that even Snopes rated the New York Times story “Mostly False.” As the Daily Caller reports, “Trump’s personal stake in the company is estimated to be as small as $99.” Or maybe as big as $500 or so.

Still, CNN’s Jim Acosta asked the president if he had any investments in hydroxychloroquine as he left Wednesday’s presser.

So he does have an investment … one which could net him hundreds of dollars.

No, that would be involuntary manslaughter for telling an Arizona woman to feed her husband fish-tank cleaner.