As we’ve observed, the new narrative in the mainstream media and among Democrats is to argue that hydroxychloroquine is an untested drug and that President Trump talking it up during his daily press briefings essentially makes him guilty of involuntary manslaughter because some woman gave her husband fish-tank solvent, which isn’t even the same chemical.

The Texas Tribune is really down on the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat patients with the COVID-19 virus and notes that one doctor (of literally tens of thousands who are prescribing it around the globe) who prescribed it for his patients is … a member of the RNC and on the advisory board of Black Voices for Trump. “The physician and nursing home medical director who prescribed the drug is a campaign surrogate for President Donald Trump,” reads the sub-head.

“Many of the patients began the five-day course of treatment Saturday, and all are still at the nursing home” — and not in the morgue.

We’re seeing above the text of the article the line, “Editor’s note: This story has been updated throughout,” although there’s no indication of what changed. They certainly left the stupid parts in, though:

[Robin] Armstrong, who said his politics have nothing to do with his practice as a physician, acknowledged that there has not been robust clinical testing of the drug for this purpose but said he is very familiar with the medication and the risks and benefits it carries. The disease’s mortality rate is higher among elderly coronavirus patients, he said, so he wanted to try something proactive to help them heal — to “treat folks like I would my mom,” he said in an interview Monday evening.

So Trump didn’t make him prescribe a potentially life-saving drug? How many people at the Texas Tribune are hoping at least a few of his patients die so they can do a follow-up on Trump’s guilt?

That’s what we read.

No doubt. We’ve never seen a group root against a possible treatment so vigorously.