We’ve already done a couple of posts reminding Americans that the coronavirus pandemic is a gendered crisis, with roles traditionally filled by women — teachers, nurses, etc. — finding themselves on the front lines … even though statistics show the virus is far more likely to be fatal to men.

She doesn’t elaborate on it in a thread, but Rep. Rashida Tlaib wants us to know that the COVID-19 pandemic has done something more than kill — it has exposed structural racism in the United States.

Seriously, forgive us for making this a partisan issue, but it seems to us the hotspots in the United States are Democrat-run cities with inequities in employment, wages, health care, and housing. She doesn’t say so, but we’re guessing latent white supremacy is responsible for all these inequities.

The Left has been screeching about structural racism in America for as long as we can remember; we’re not sure what new information the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed, except another excuse to say the same thing.


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