As Twitchy reported earlier, Joe Biden had a really awkward interview with MSNBC’s Brian Williams during which he forgot what he was saying and had to look down at his notes. So maybe we’re just being extraordinarily cynical here, but maybe the Biden campaign thinks getting their candidate in on the COVID-19 response — which is giving President Trump’s ratings a boost — might be good for the campaign.

We would just say that it’s nice that Biden has offered to help strategize, but the best we’ve heard from him is his three-point plan (which was only two points), which really offers nothing that Trump hasn’t already implemented.

In either case, Fox News says Biden is willing to call Trump and help brainstorm:

Or maybe invite Biden to one of those two-hour-plus pressers in the White House briefing room.

Couldn’t Trump just watch Biden’s three-point plan? It’s right here:

* * *


President Trump says he’s open to it: