Andrew Lawrence has an important title so we want to make sure we get it right; he’s the deputy director of rapid response for Media Matters for America (how many people do they employ, anyway?). Lawrence thinks he’s caught Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld in a lie when he said that “The Five” had sounded the alarm about the coronavirus back in January.

Gutfeld suggests Lawrence check out his pinned tweet:

The pinned tweet with video from January showing “The Five” warning about the coronavirus outbreak?

Huh, it looks like “The Five” did raise a warning about the coronavirus outbreak in January.

No, but he did move the goalposts quite a bit.

So take that up with Jesse Watters. And while you’re at it, use some of that self-quarantine time and call out all of the news outlets that were running articles at the time saying the coronavirus wouldn’t become a pandemic and you’d be better off worrying about the flu. But wait, those aren’t Fox News. Nevermind.