As Twitchy reported earlier, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson tore into the media Monday night over its early coverage of the coronavirus outbreak. Carlson was one of the first and loudest voices expressing concern over this virus that was running rampant in Wuhan, China.

We used those two tweets in an earlier post, but since then, Smug did some digging and pulled up a few examples of the mainstream media downplaying the coronavirus threat and saying Americans should be more worried about the flu.

In case you can’t read that, it’s Vox saying, “For most people in the US, though, there’s really no reason to worry.”

In case the text on that one got cut off, here it is, and as Twitchy reported, Vox has since deleted it.

This is the sort of hot Vox take that’s still up:

Bonus points for working “xenophobia” into a story so early.

And it wasn’t just the media. Today, the administration’s coronavirus task force recommended that anyone leaving New York City to escape the coronavirus self-quarantine.

But in early February, city officials thought you were missing out if you skipped the city’s Lunar New Year parade. Here’s Mark D. Levine, chair of the New York City Council health committee:

And New York City’s health commissioner assured everyone there was no reason to change their holiday plans:

Sure, it’s 50/50 hindsight, but at least some people could own up to their mistakes.