As often as we see it, we still don’t get it. News networks like CNN continually call for President Trump’s daily press briefings on the coronavirus not to be aired because there’s just no value in what the president says. But then when given the chance, the media asks Trump things like if he’d heard about the (still) unnamed White House official who allegedly called COVID-19 the “kung flu.” We mean, seriously, this should be blown up to poster size and mounted on the president’s podium:

The always helpful Jim Acosta, who just the other day asked the president, “What do you say to Americans who are upset with you?” before literally lifting talking points from ads from Joe Biden’s Super PAC, on Tuesday continued his hot streak by asking Trump if he thinks he “lulled” Americans into a false sense of security. Way to focus on the moment at hand, super reporter.

We’ve said it a million times before, but the White House press corps enamored with “hope and change” just cannot process actual optimism.

And who was it telling everyone to go out to Chinatown and mingle for Chinese New Year and live life normally because if you’re under 50 and healthy it’s the same as a cold? Where is the Acosta who covers Bill de Blasio’s press conferences?

“Jim, remember when every mainstream news outlet in America was saying you’re better off worrying about the flu? Do you feel bad about that? Do you feel responsible for lulling Americans into a false hope?”

At Wednesday’s briefing: “Critics say …”


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