As Twitchy reported earlier, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins — again spreading the myth that President Trump had set an “Easter deadline” for ending social distancing and sending people back to work — reported that Trump had extended the guidelines until April 30, which a lot of people are saying is still too soon.

Then again, even Gov. Cuomo has said that an indefinite lockdown isn’t sustainable, so there has to be a date set sometime. Virginia Gov. Ralph “Coonman” Northam seems to be taking extra precautions and extending the stay-at-home order until June 10.

Keep in mind two things: 1) The executive order could be amended by the governor as circumstances warrant, and 2) anyone making these decisions will be pilloried by the all-knowing (and all employed) media for getting it wrong if conditions don’t improve.

Editor’s note: Kaitlan Collins’ first name was initially misspelled. We’ve corrected the mistake and apologize for the error.


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