If it wasn’t clear before, journalists have made journalists the No. 1 issue during the COVID-19 crisis — like the CEO of HuffPost said, you can trust “literally any mainstream outlet” for good, solid, coronavirus information you can take to the bank. But we’ve been assured they’re not getting the right kind of information from President Trump’s daily press briefings, so who are their sources? And why do they waste questions like CNN’s Jim Acosta did today?

We couldn’t have guessed that Monday’s theme would be journalists freaking out that the CEO of MyPillow, Mike Lindell, spent a few seconds talking about God and the Bible while announcing the repurposing of his factories to product 50,000 masks a day for health care workers. But Sarah Reese Jones, CEO of PoliticusUSA, your home for 100 percent “independent, corporate-free, trustworthy and people-powered news,” spotted more than just an attempt to evangelize; she saw a clear separation of church and state.

A whole lot of people don’t really understand the whole “separation of church and state” idea. Imagine what Reese Jones is going to say when she finds out how many people in government are sworn in with their hand on a Bible.

She made the list with this one.

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Reese Jones has decided to dig that hole a little deeper:

She really needs to file a lawsuit if she’s serious about this.