As we’re sure you know, a lot of kids are home from school during the coronavirus lockdown, and the Washington Post has a piece on how this time away from the classroom could “set back a generation of children.”

They make some decent points, but their problem was using the word “homeschooling” in their headline. They’re not talking about traditional homeschooling but rather impromptu online classrooms put together often with the help of charter schools and entrepreneurial players. Not everyone has a computer, and for those who do, “research shows that even with great planning, a willing audience and lots of effort from teachers well-schooled in distance learning, results for K-12 students are lackluster.”

What the article completely leaves out is any data or analysis on children who were already being homeschooled before the coronavirus lockdown — so they’re not really talking about traditional homeschooling; they’re talking about public school students suddenly thrust into distance learning.

Is the quarantine setting traditional homeschoolers back?

It’s Drag Queen Story Hour, and yes, it’s for public school first-graders.



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