Earlier this week when Iran toady Ben Rhodes called it a “moral abomination” that the Trump administration was going to keep in place economic sanctions against Iran despite it being a hotspot of the coronavirus outbreak, a lot of people chimed in to remind him that the sanctions didn’t affect humanitarian aid.

That also seems to have escaped the knowledge of Rep. Ilhan Omar, who opposes sanctions on the grounds that they’re “economic warfare” and yet is 100 percent on board with the BDS movement against Israel. Reacting to a Reuters story about the sanctions, Omar declared them “supervillain-level cruelty” in the face of the COVID crisis there.

Reuters even reported that the imposition of sanctions “does not stop the flow of humanitarian goods.”

Isn’t this the country that fired live ammunition against citizens protesting the country’s denial that it downed a Ukraine-bound passenger flight, killing 176? They don’t seem that concerned about the lives of their citizens if they’re killing protesters in the streets.

Has Omar ever done anything in Congress to help the district she represents, or does she exist just to back the governments of Iran and Venezuela?