President Trump on Monday afternoon held a teleconference with the nation’s governors and said it went very well. He also added that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo needs to do more, which didn’t go over too well.

Cuomo even posted a screenshot of the deleted tweet:

Turns out the only reason Trump deleted it was to fix the typo in “nation’s.” He fixed that and re-posted:

We think it’s pretty funny — in a sad way — that Cuomo seems to be passing the buck up the ladder to the federal government. “I have to do more? No — YOU have to do something!” We’re pretty sure having a tantrum wasn’t what Trump meant by doing more.

Also, it’s pretty funny that just last week Cuomo was calling on the federal government to decentralize the testing process.

But now he’s pissy because the president said he needs to do more.

A lot of liberals are suddenly discovering federalism.

Governors have an especially tough job now, as does the president; let’s see which ones have the mettle to deal with this crisis in their own states.