Megan Garber notes in her piece in The Atlantic — “How Hillary Clinton Became a Postmodern Menace” — that Hillary Clinton is in the news again because of the new Hulu documentary “Hillary,” and that seems to bother a lot of people. Clinton’s also done at least two book tours since she lost the 2016 election, she’s launching a podcast this spring, and she’s ticked off a lot of Bernie Bros by publicly announcing that “nobody likes him” and nobody wants to work with him.

And then there’s the fear of millions: That Joe Biden will take on Clinton as his running mate, somehow win the election, and promptly step aside or die, handing her the keys to the Oval Office.

Garber notes, of course, that a lot of it is sexism at work:

The philosopher Kate Manne argues that sexism is best understood not as an individual trait, but rather as an ideology—one that is intent on limiting women’s advancement and power. This theory is particularly relevant in Clinton’s case. “Why won’t Hillary go away?” is, after all, a milder version of that Trumpian standby: “Lock her up!” The question might suggest political strategy or psychological ennui. What it also suggests, though, is that Hillary Clinton [is] intruding into a space where she does not belong.

As The Atlantic’s executive editor points out, nobody told Mitt Romney or John Kerry to just go away:

She’s actually is president on Earth 2, we’re continually being told.

We don’t remember Mitt Romney or John Kerry going on a media tour to promote a 500-page book about all the excuses why they lost.


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