This is something to keep an eye on because in February the House passed the Protecting the Right to Organize Act, or PRO Act, along party lines, and union bosses declared it a huge victory. That’s frightening because the PRO Act lifts language directly from California’s AB5, the law which went into effect Jan. 1 and basically killed the gig-worker economy: Uber and Lyft drivers, DoorDash drivers, entertainers, freelance writers, etc.

The idea, allegedly, was to force companies to hire on as full-time employees all of the people they’d been paying as independent contractors, completely ignoring the fact that a lot of people joined Uber because they didn’t want a full-time job but rather flexible hours and independence.

Joe Biden, doing his best to please the union bosses, has come out in favor of California’s AB5, which means the PRO Act would be on a fast track were he ever to become president.

Even Biden supporters are trying to tell Biden that AB5 is just a bad law.

Speaking of California, remember when Rep. Nancy Pelosi said that if Obamacare were passed, everyone would be free to pursue a career as a photographer or a filmmaker because they wouldn’t have to worry about insurance through their workplace? And now her state is putting photographers and filmmakers out of business because they choose to work for themselves.

AB5 is such trash its sponsor in California has just decided to start blocking people (MAGA bots) on Twitter who criticize it because she’s just sick of the complaints.