The tweet says that Bernie Sanders remade “his party” with an outsider youth movement — aka, the Bernie Bros — but what party did he remake? He’s not a Democrat, and he’s certainly not a Republican.

Sam Tanenhaus writes:

The comparison looks implausible. The genial, soothing, archconservative Reagan, with his Hollywood polish, script-reading skills and two terms as governor of California, seems a long way from the cantankerous socialist senator, with his accent scraped off the Brooklyn sidewalks and his following formed in tiny, remote, hippie Vermont.

But Reagan was also labeled a fringe figure — of the right, not the left. Mainstream Republicans viewed him with alarm and ridiculed his proposals as simple and kooky. Like Sanders, Reagan shrugged off his detractors. Like Sanders, he bore little allegiance to the party. Like Sanders, he was said to appeal to only a narrow slice of voters. The two have something else in common. Both waged a hard-fought battle in a previous presidential primary contest, seeding their insurgent movements and building bases of young voters undeterred by the candidates’ advanced ages. Reagan was a spoiler turned tribune to a new Republican Party. Sanders, a spoiler in 2016, is on his way to remaking the Democratic Party.

He might be on his way to remaking the Democratic Party, but the Democratic National Committee is on a mission to unmake him.

It was just a few days ago when Sanders tweeted that he wasn’t going to let the establishment Republicans or Democrats stop him.

Good point.


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