As Twitchy reported earlier, 2020 Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders was feeling the burn himself when the Washington Post published a piece claiming that Russia was actively trying to boost his campaign — something he apparently learned about a month ago but kept under the rug until the Post outed him the day before the Nevada caucuses, leading Sanders to suggest the paper sat on the news to hurt him in Nevada.

Now Sanders is hurting himself with his tweets. Look, it’s common knowledge that the DNC kneecapped him in 2016, and it looks like he suspects they’re doing it again — and he could be right. That’s OK, though, because he’s not going to let the establishment, Republican or Democrat, stop his campaign.

Considering Sanders isn’t even technically a Democrat, he managed to tick off the “vote blue no matter who” crowd. He didn’t drop out gracefully in 2016 to pave the road for Hillary Clinton, and now that he’s the frontrunner headed into Super Tuesday with good momentum, Democrats are wondering if he’s going to get President Trump re-elected by splitting the vote.

It’s hilarious that Sanders doesn’t realize he’s part of the establishment.


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