We’re so old we remember when journos said it was an assault on our democracy to attack the free press. And now here’s Bernie Sanders doing just that over the article on Friday on his campaign getting briefed A MONTH AGO that Russia was attempting to aid his campaign:

When asked why he waited a month, that’s when he attacked the Post;


This comes after the elderly socialist tried to blame Russian bots for making his campaign look bad at the debate:

Yet the opposite was true! Why didn’t he tell anyone?

Enjoy the ride, Bernie:

We’re going to do this all day:

So, where’s the sternly worried letter to Bernie?

All we got with this from the Post:

Anyway, Bernie is going to have to answer why he sat on this:

And let’s not forget he was the beneficiary of this in 2016 as well:

And like in 2016, he knew it at the time and kept his mouth shut: