Whenever we write a post about the U.K., we always end up asking, “What happened to the U.K.?” Political correctness apparently has not only infected the country more, but it’s been codified into law. Back in 2016, we reported that Nottinghamshire police were the first in the nation to classify misogyny as a hate crime. Police explained: “A hate crime is simply any incident, which may or may not be deemed as a criminal offence, which is perceived by the victim or any other person, as being motivated by prejudice or hatred.” A wolf-whistle? That’s a hate crime.

Now the U.K. Telegraph is reporting that police have recorded nearly 120,000 “non-crime” hate incidents that could show up on a person’s background check during a job interview. Here’s activist, healer, and radical intersectionalist poet Titania McGrath with more:

If you look closely at the “We Love Free Speech” banner, you can see the border reads “Woman = Adult Human Female.” Remember when author J.K. Rowling was canceled for tweeting #IStandWithMaya? That Maya was Maya Forstater, who was booted from the charitable organization Centre for Global Development for tweeting “offensive and exclusionary” things like “men cannot change into women.”

So police can write you up for a hate incident that isn’t a crime? And it goes on your record?

What happened to the U.K.?