Can we show you something? (Caution liberals: You will be triggered.) On Thursday night, President Trump hosted an African American History Month reception in the East Room of the White House, but before that, a group of black supporters joined him in the Cabinet Room and they prayed together:

MSNBC legal contributor Katie Phang had “no words” to express her disgust with Trump sitting at a table with Diamond and Silk and Candace Owens.

Also in attendance was former NFL safety Jack Brewer, who called Trump “the first black president.” That remark sent CNN commentator Keith Boykin over the edge, calling everyone in the room an Uncle Tom.

Remember, this is the same guy who said the Republican representatives who staged a sit-in in Rep. Adam Schiff’s underground bunker looked like “a Klan group that is assembled outside of a jail trying to get the sheriff to let them in so they could deliver their own justice.” Boykin has some unresolved issues that really ought to be worked out off the air.

We’re sure the consequences will be … nonexistent.