At the Democratic debate Tuesday night and in media appearances, Bernie Sanders has stressed again and again that while he is a socialist, he strictly opposes those countries that have declined into authoritarian regimes. He even criticized President Trump opening up diplomatic relations with North Korea and Kim Jong Un, saying the U.S. doesn’t need to be praising authoritarian leaders.

This seems odd, considering it was only Sunday night on “60 Minutes” that he had some kind words for Fidel Castro and his literacy programs, a topic on which he doubled down during a CNN town hall.

We also don’t need authoritarian leaders like Venezuela’s Nicholas Maduro praising U.S. presidential candidates, but Maduro in 2016 praised Sanders’ “revolutionary message” to a crowd gathered for “Anti-Imperialism Day.”

Whether or not you believe the mainstream media is out to torpedo a Bernie Sanders nomination (from what we’ve seen, we believe it), Washington Post video editor J.M. Rieger dug up some video of Sanders appearing to praise some authoritarian regimes.

A lot of these we’ve seen before, but after Sanders’ Castro comments, they seem worth revisiting.

No way.

We’ve heard it before, but yes, Sanders has characterized those bread lines in socialist countries as a good thing.

The other Democrats might not be hitting Sanders on his record, but Trump certainly will.