Joe Walsh, who you might have read was a conservative Tea Party hero before becoming Donald Trump’s “worst nightmare” (good one, Alyssa) is, like so many other NeverTrumpers, enjoying newfound media attention. Any mainstream media outlet is happy to host anyone from the Never Trump camp to represent the “conservative” side of politics.

So now Walsh has gone from Alyssa Milano’s podcast directly to the Washington Post’s op-ed page, where he explains that Never Trump doesn’t just mean staying home; it doesn’t even mean voting for a socialist to pry Trump out of the Oval Office — it means going door-knocking and campaigning for Bernie Sanders if he happens to be the Democratic nominee.

So “conserving conservatism” means campaigning for the socialist who’s going to nationalize health care, likely pick Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s replacement, vote against providing medical care to a baby who survives an abortion, attempt to confiscate firearms, etc. That’s what Never Trump means. Got it.

You’re so conservative you’re going to let a socialist steer the country for at least four years, and then you’ll vote for the principled conservative in 2024 if there is one that meets your purity test.

Fair point.