We’re pretty sure The Bulwark’s Charlies Sykes is being sarcastic when he calls this group of True Conservatives™ “human scum,” especially since we see his photo in there, along with Bill Kristol, Evan McMullin, Tom Nichols, Rick Wilson, and a bunch of other NeverTrumpers who are set to appear at the Summit on Principled Conservatism.

Remember, principled conservatives are going to be conserving conservatism this November by voting blue, no matter who. The only way to save conservatism is to vote for a socialist millionaire if it comes to that.

Avenatti would probably be a keynote speaker if not for, you know, jail.

We were thinking the same thing. Where’s Jennifer Rubin?

Joe Walsh dropped out, so who’s the favorite among principled conservatives: Bernie Sanders or Pete Buttigieg?