CNN’s media reporter Brian Stelter didn’t listen to us when we tried to tell him about that spiked Jeffrey Epstein story over at ABC News — we guess since he’s the expert, he knows what’s media news and what isn’t.

As Twitchy reported earlier, Stelter was watching Fox News and made note that they were talking about the upcoming election in New Hampshire tonight and not the Roger Stone case — a story Fox News had broken.

Stelter seems hung up on the Roger Stone story — it makes sense, seeing how CNN ensured their camera crew was waiting outside Stone’s house when an armed SWAT team dragged him out in his pajamas at 5 a.m. — and made note again that top-rated show “The Five” was talking about the president’s rally in Manchester, N.H., Monday night.

Oh, it’s on.

We really can’t wait not to read Stelter’s upcoming book about the synergy between President Trump and Fox News.