As Twitchy reported, it seems like Never Trumpers like conservative blogger Jennifer Rubin are getting a little worried seeing their “moderate” Democratic candidate slipping in the polls while socialist Bernie Sanders continues to ride high.

That moderate candidate, Joe Biden, was in New Hampshire campaigning Monday and told a young boy that climate change is the biggest issue facing our country and even politely offered to talk with the boy more about it and maybe sniff his hair. All of the Dem candidates have said that climate change is our biggest issue, and Biden says it’s time we eliminated plastics.

Biden mentioned getting rid of plastic bags at grocery stores and going back to paper, but we think he was thinking bigger when he said “transition away from the use of plastics.”

Just like climate alarmist Greta Thunberg demanding at Davos that the world’s economic powers divest from fossil fuels immediately. How exactly is that going to work?

That’s what someone you’d vote for president would have said — but he didn’t.