As Twitchy reported, President Trump held a “poisonous” post-acquittal press conference that showed his “deep psychological distress.” Actually, we found him to be very upbeat, and why not? He’d just been acquitted of two bogus articles of impeachment after being investigated for colluding with Russia for three years and had to sit by and watch as his prosecutor, Rep. Adam Schiff, read a “parody” of his phone call into the record despite having a transcript.

The Washington Post, though, just couldn’t help noticing the stark difference between how Trump conducted himself post-acquittal as compared to a very contrite Bill Clinton, who was “profoundly sorry.” The thing is, Clinton also flat-out lied straight to the American people while pointing his finger at the TV camera — the least he could do was apologize. Maybe Trump didn’t think he had anything to apologize for.

Why should it matter to them? What did they want Trump to do? Fake some tears and bite his lip?