As Twitchy reported Wednesday, Sen. Ted Cruz asked the House impeachment managers if the so-called whistleblower worked at any point for or with Joe Biden, and if so, did he work for or with Biden on issues involving Ukraine? Rep. Adam Schiff refused to answer that one. And then Chief Justice John Roberts declined to read to the Senate a question submitted by Sen. Rand Paul asking about holdovers from the Obama National Security Council conspiring with staffers of Rep. Adam Schiff, presumably because the question contained the name of the whistleblower, even though not even Schiff knows who the whistleblower is.

A large group of GOP senators did get to ask pretty much the same question Paul was asking, except they substituted “whistleblower” with the name. Did the whistleblower and other holdovers from the Obama NSC conspire with Schiff staffers in an attempt to impeach the president?

Schiff just about broke into tears over the smears against his staff — and once again claimed he doesn’t know who the whistleblower is.

I will not dignify those smears, meaning I won’t answer the question.

Again, The Washington Examiner reported in October on the alleged whistleblower’s ties to Biden:

Michael Atkinson, the Intelligence Community’s inspector general, told members of Congress that the whistleblower had a “professional tie” to a 2020 Democratic candidate. He had written earlier that while the whistleblower’s complaint was credible, he had shown “some indicia of an arguable political bias … in favor of a rival political candidate.”

As an experienced CIA official on the NSC with the deep knowledge of Ukraine that he demonstrated in his complaint, it is probable that the whistleblower briefed Biden and likely that he accompanied him on Air Force Two during at least one of the six visits the 2020 candidate made to the country.

So yes, there’s some concern the whistleblower might have had an agenda and conspired with Schiff and/or his staff.

Imagine what a hero to the Democrats the whistleblower would be if he (or she) outed themselves so Schiff could clear all this up once and for all.