Sen. Marsha Blackburn kicked the progressive hornets’ nest earlier this week when she tweeted that Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman was being vindictive when he leaked details of the president’s Ukraine phone call with the whistleblower, whose identity remains unknown (we kind of get a kick of out mainstream outlets still referring to the whistleblower as “he or she”).

And as plenty have reminded Democrats and Never Trumpers along the way, the president himself sets foreign policy, not the bureaucrats who work under him (and were very often holdovers from the previous administration, which had far different foreign policy priorities). Blackburn’s tweet was so out of line that it even got her in trouble with Impeachment Task Force member and Senate trial ticket-holder Alyssa Milano.

As happens to everything when it hits the mainstream media headlines, Blackburn’s tweet and the arguments by the White House lawyers became an “attack” on Vindman, whose duty as an officer is to question “unlawful” orders — U.S. Army veteran and Sen. Tammy Duckworth even managed to draw a line to the My Lai massacre in her comments Saturday.

Look, we absolutely thank all veterans for their service to the country, but we also have no intention of being put in another Greta Thunberg situation in which you have someone you’re not allowed to criticize, whether because of their age or their rank.