John Harwood, who recently joined CNN, was one of the worst choices ever to host a Republican primary debate, as those leaked emails from Hillary Clinton adviser John Podesta showed Harwood asking Podesta what questions he should ask Jeb Bush. And of course, there was Candy Crowley, who jumped into the middle of the 2012 debate to “correct” Mitt Romney on an accusation against Barack Obama that was absolutely true.

Republicans always get screwed during debates, and now the New York Times’ Maggie Haberman reports that President Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Pascale, has been talking to outside companies about debates, apparently fed up with the track record of the Commission on Presidential Debates.

Does it sound like a good idea? The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway calls the media’s handling of debates “indefensible.”

Especially now that we’ve seen a record of Harwood’s tweets, there’s no doubt left that he’s ridiculously biased.


Trump is just the kind of guy who would push back against a slanted group of mainstream media moderators. Let’s see where this goes.