First, a disclaimer: MSNBC’s Joy Reid isn’t the first TV host to have on this “body language expert” for a segment; people are posting screenshots of her sharing a screen with Lou Dobbs, Laura Ingraham, and Greg Gutfeld (we imagine that segment was pretty fun).

We have no idea what she was analyzing in those instances, but Reid had Janine Driver on Saturday morning to determine who was telling the lie in the spat between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren over whether he said a woman can’t win the election. The body language expert came down on Warren’s side, determining by his body language at the Democratic debate that Sanders was lying. Bernie Bros did not like that one bit.

Uh oh.

Remember GQ’s Julia Ioffe arguing that the #MeToo movement taught us “that we believe women and don’t call them liars”?

Wow, that’s bad.

We knew they’d turn on each other once the field was whittled down a bit, and we’re here for it.