CNN’s Brian Stelter, whose job is to watch Fox News so in his spare time he can write a book about Fox News, has found proof that we really are living in the dumbest timeline, on Fox News of course.

As Twitchy reported, the blue-check Resistance really was triggered by a 31-second video of actor Vince Vaughn talking with President Trump at the college playoff game. About halfway through the clip, Vaughn actually stands up and shakes Trump’s hand rather than call him a white supremacist and traitor.

We just checked on it, and so far it has 6.9 million views — compare that to CNN’s prime time average of around 600,000 viewers. It has also racked up 27,000 likes and 6,700 retweets. So far Stelter’s tweet complaining about Fox News has 220 retweets.

And to think someone could honestly say progressives seem more upset over that handshake than Qasam Soleimani’s killing of more than 600 Americans — even though Democrats aren’t concerned about what Soleimani did but rather if Trump lied about there being imminent threats to national security.

That’s another way Stelter trashes Fox News: by not differentiating between hard news and opinion. Hogan Gidley has an opinion — what do you think?

CNN seemed more upset over Trump killing Soleimani than Soleimani killing and maiming hundreds of Americans, not to mention 1,500 Iranians.

He can’t … we need him to finish his book on Fox News so we can read it.

* * *


If Stelter watched his own network instead of Fox News, he’d know that the Vince Vaughn story was big enough for CNN to cover.