California Gov. Gavin Newsom was moved by a church’s nativity scene which put Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in separate cages, complete with barbed wire around the top of each. Families shouldn’t be separated, you see. However, a controversial bill he signed might lead to more family separations in his own state.

The bill was sponsored by California assembly member Lorena Gonzalez, whom we first met “torturing” a piñata of Donald Trump — she was really going at that thing. Her idea was this: it’s unfair for companies to just string freelancers along, so let’s make it state law that companies must hire them full time or lay them off — and Vox ended up laying off 200 freelancers. Well, freelancers could still write, but only 35 articles a year. The law also hit drivers for Uber and Lyft, independent contractors, consultants, truck drivers, etc.

Gonzalez has been unapologetic — in fact downright nasty — in the face of criticism of AB5, which went into effect this year.

Jennifer Van Laar posted a great thread on the topic that really puts a face on just how bad this law is.

Gonzalez simply does not care that a lot of people want to work “gig jobs” rather than have a full-time position.

It’s already too late for California.