As Twitchy reported back in October, Procter & Gamble had announced it was going to remove the “Venus” symbol (this thing: ♀︎) from Always sanitary pads starting in 2020 so as not to exclude trans men. Men’s access to feminine hygiene products is still a problem though, and NBC News decided to take a look beyond the menstrual cramps and examine some of the other pains associated with men’s periods, including the psychological and financial.

Chloe Atkins reports:

Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, founder of Period Equity, which advocates for affordable and accessible menstruation products, said, “Anyone who menstruates needs to be part of the discussion and decision-making about their own health and well-being.”

The hurdles some trans men and gender-nonconforming people who menstruate say they face include the high cost of period supplies, lack of access to the products, safety concerns and inadequate medical care.

Wait, the high cost of period supplies? Atkins continues:

A box of 36 tampons, which could easily be used within one menstruation period, could cost as much as $12 — that’s significantly more than the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. Additionally, menstrual hygiene products sold in the U.S. are still subject to sales tax in 32 states.

It’s funny that the only thing liberals don’t want to tax is tampons, so-called “tampon justice.” He’s out of the 2020 race, but on National Period Day, Julián Castro remembered those who have to choose between work and tampons with a tweet.