Tampons being taxed in many states as luxury items has been on the Democrats’ radar for a while now; back in 2016, when he was sitting for interviews with YouTube stars, Barack Obama guessed that it’s because men wrote the laws that items like pads and tampons were subject to state sales tax.

So-called “tampon justice” drew a little closer to reality that same year when Rep. Grace Meng of Queens, N.Y., introduced a bill to make feminine hygiene projects “more accessible and affordable.” But there still isn’t nationwide tampon justice, and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro took the opportunity of #NationalPeriodDay to argue against the tampon tax, saying that some have to choose between going to school or work and paying for menstrual products.

We’re kind of amused by Democrats suddenly finding a tax they don’t like. And seriously, they’re not even talking about making the products free — they’re talking about eliminating the sales tax, which adds maybe 10 percent at most to the cost.

And we really want to know who can’t afford school because of the sales tax on menstrual products.

And if a dollar tax on maxi-pads is keeping women home from work, here’s a crazy idea — lowering income tax across the board so everyone has more disposable income to spend on such items.

Speaking of pandering, did you catch it? Castro did score some extra props from liberals for using gender-inclusive language in his tweet; notice he said “people” are forced to choose, not “women” are forced to choose.

We always love to see someone who thinks they’re woke being corrected for not being a woke as they think they are:

For the record, Beto O’Rourke is on the case too with his Menstrual Equity Act, but he did NOT use gender-inclusive language in his tweet; that’s gonna cost him: