Steve Cohen, the only U.S. representative we know who has Planned Parenthood in his DNA, just yesterday wrote how he was glad to see that the president was finally taking seriously the idea of no longer treating tampons and other feminine hygiene products as “luxury items” for tax and benefits purposes. Cohen says he introduced legislation in 1988 and only now is seeing it gain traction, perhaps due to President Obama’s interview with a famous YouTube star who raised the issue.

Today, Rep. Grace Meng of Queens, N.Y., introduced a bill to make feminine hygiene projects more accessible and affordable. And who gets no credit whatsoever? Cohen, who’s been wresting with the tampon for almost 30 years.

The measure, known as the Fund Essential Menstruation Products (FEM) Act, would allow hygiene products including tampons, pads, liners, cups, sponges, douches, wipes, sprays, and similar items used by women with respect to menstruation or other genital-tract secretions to be purchased from funds in flexible spending accounts, or FSAs.

The measure has the full support of New York council member Julissa Ferreras-Copeland of Queens, who would like to see free feminine hygiene products available in all New York City public school restrooms, homeless shelters and prisons.

Those outside of Queens are welcome to lobby for free tampons in every restroom by signing up with the grassroots organization Free the Tampons.