Great minds run in the same channels, it seems. On Monday, wowed by the “stunning” crowds in Iran who turned out for the funeral procession of dead terrorist Qasem Soleimani, MSNBC’s Katy Tur remarked that President Trump had at last succeeded in uniting a country — just not our country.

Foreign Policy came to the same conclusion, tweeting that killing Soleimani had “united Iranians like never before” … except for all of the dissidents he’d killed, of course.

Rohollah Faghihi argues that Soleimani “was seen as a hero who stayed out of domestic politics,” even by reformers:

But while Suleimani was a bogeyman for the United States, within Iran he was seen as both a heroic figure and politically far more neutral than he has sometimes been painted. He walked a careful line between moderates and hard-liners, avoiding domestic political fights and allowing others to project onto him their own visions of Iran’s future.

Thanks to this neutrality and his concentration on, as the public saw it, protecting Iranian borders and interests, Iranians saw him as a patriot guarding the nation, not a political figure. That’s why millions of people have poured onto the streets of Tehran to commemorate him, including many who oppose the Islamic Republic in other circumstances.

He was actually a pretty cool guy if you got to know him, what with his bodybuilder’s physique and dapper beard.


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