Twitchy has already covered a really bad take on impeachment today, with Cheri Jacobus being pretty sure Speaker Nancy Pelosi has got President Trump “by the doo-dads” by sitting on the articles of impeachment. Maybe Pelosi is waiting for Trump to be impeached on an indictable offense found somewhere is the Mueller report, thereby making so he can’t be pardoned, and she’s holding that over him.

Twitter account @BadLegalTakes thought it was worth a retweet.

Now we have Never Trumper Bill Kristol with some interesting fan fiction that he thought he’d throw out there. Maybe Mitch McConnell has some secret deal with Lisa Murkowski that’ll make McConnell look good?

He’s figured it out. And look who popped up to take credit:

Kristol and Jacobus can’t both be wrong.

It’s pretty unbelievable how many people in Kristol’s replies are saying, “I’d thought of that myself” or “I’ve suspected that for a while.” Well, more sad than unbelievable.