If we were former FBI Director James Comey, we’d be laying low right about now instead of tweeting and writing pieces for the Washington Post about “the four stages of being attacked by President Trump.”

The IG report was a stunning rebuke of Comey’s leadership at the FBI, and Comey admitted to Fox News’ Chris Wallace that his previous statements that the FISA process was properly used, which the IG report flatly contradicts, were bogus: “He is right. I was wrong,” Comey said.

But at least Comey has President Trump as an enemy, which automatically grants him a lot of allies, such as the folks at the Washington Post’s editorial board, who gave him some more space to whine about how poorly he was treated.

While we wait for the apology to Carter Page, read this excerpt:

At first, the attack is stunning and rocks your world. Waking up to find the president has tweeted that you are guilty of treason or committed assorted other crimes and are a [insert any one of this president’s epithets here] is jarring and disorienting. That’s the first stage, but it doesn’t last.

The second stage is a kind of numbness, where it doesn’t seem quite real that the so-called Leader of the Free World is assailing you by tweet and voice. It is still unsettling, but it is harder to recapture the vertigo of the first assault.

Comey goes on to say that it gets easier in Stages 3 and 4, and now he has a renewed sense of mission to take down Trump and “the danger he poses to our nation and its values. We have to overcome the shock and numbness of earlier stages.”

Enjoy these tweets while we write our opinion piece on the real stages: first, the stunning realization that Hillary Clinton has lost the election, and second, the numbness when you remember you spied on the next president’s campaign using bogus opposition research as an excuse.

Oh, and speaking of Lisa Page, she’s totally in agreement with Comey about his four stages:

We can’t think of any of Trump’s followers who associate Page with any body parts or sex acts or who would want to. Play another victim card.