First, let’s talk about open carry versus concealed carry. Open carry is great, but it has its drawbacks. Remember when a Starbucks barista in Tempe asked several police officers to leave the building because “a customer didn’t feel safe” in their presence?

People have made it clear they don’t like to be around guns — or, to be more precise, visible guns. A photo of a man open-carrying in a coffee shop led at least one woman to say she’d call the police because if you’re carrying a gun around in plain sight, she’s going to assume you’re a bad guy. Just wait until the cops show up with their guns, which makes customers at coffee shops feel unsafe too.

In short, a lot of people believe their right to the pursuit of happiness trumps your right to carry a gun out in the open. If they see you with a gun, they’re not happy.

But then there’s concealed carry, the whole point of which is, you don’t know the person is carrying a gun. You’ve been around people carrying guns and don’t even know it.

As Twitchy reported earlier, expert Tom Nichols mixed it up with the Washington Examiner’s Jerry Dunleavy, who had pulled up a bunch of old tweets from Nichols saying, “Statistically, if you think you’re carrying to stop another church massacre, it’s stupid.” Nichols dug in, saying that it’s like refusing to fly if you hear there’s a plane crash — the statistics shouldn’t keep someone grounded.

Nichols is still going, and we’d like to circle back to him because there’s a good argument about concealed carry going on. But first, let Nichols summarize what he’s been hearing from the conservative gun nuts.

So if you own a gun but aren’t a cop, what exactly is Nichols assuming about you?

< Insert hole_digging.GIF here >

Let’s also step back and realize that “Arm the teachers!” in real life means letting teachers trained in the proper use of a firearm to carry if they so choose.

It’s like we mentioned above: Some people just don’t like the sight of guns, and if someone is carrying a concealed weapon, they’ll never see it and (hopefully) never know about it until it’s used in a situation like this one. If you aren’t even comfortable with concealed carry, we can’t help you.