The Washington Post editorial board called the “Second Amendment sanctuary” movement in all-blue Virginia a fad and mostly symbolic. Unlike sanctuary cities, where law enforcement just refuses to cooperate with federal agencies like ICE, this would mean law enforcement ignoring a law on the books, get it? Illegal aliens have done nothing wrong, see, but an American wanting to exercise his right to keep and bear arms, even if Virginia’s legislature voted for confiscation, would be a criminal.

Gov. Ralph “Coonman” Northam might even have to call out the National Guard if local law enforcement chose not to enforce unconstitutional gun control laws.

Speaking of a “fad”:

On Monday, President Trump retweeted an article from The Epoch Times about Second Amendment sanctuaries:

Lawyer and lesbian (hey, we’re just going by her Twitter bio) Alison Poole thought the president’s retweet was “interesting.”

Sanctuary cities? Good. Second Amendment sanctuaries? Bad.