As Twitchy has reported, now that the Virginia legislature is majority Democrat, more and more counties are voting to become “Second Amendment sanctuaries.” The Washington Post called the movement a fad and “mainly symbolic,” but municipalities are taking it very seriously in the wake of Gov. Ralph Northam’s stance on gun control and widespread talk of gun confiscation during the Democratic presidential debates.

The idea, of course, is just as law enforcement refuse to cooperate with federal agencies like ICE in order to harbor illegal aliens in their self-declared sanctuary cities, law enforcement would refuse to cooperate with gun confiscation or mandatory buybacks of semi-automatic weapons. Northam seems to not want to face the issue, saying recently that that’s a bridge he’ll cross when he comes to it.

“There’s not going to be retaliation,” he told a reporter in regard to gun sanctuaries, but he also vaguely promised there’d be “consequences” if a municipality refused to comply with constitutional laws on the books.

The Washington Examiner reports Saturday that at least one Democratic representative has said Northam “may have to nationalize the National Guard to enforce the law” if it comes down to that.

Russ Read reports:

The president, as commander-in-chief of the armed forces, is the only person who can nationalize the Guard, but state governors have the latitude to use it to enforce state law, legal experts said.

“Until nationalized, it’s a creature of the state. So that’s what leads me to believe that, yes, the governor can activate the National Guard to enforce even a state law,” Gary Solis, a military law professor at Georgetown University, told the Washington Examiner.

Amy Swearer, a legal policy analyst who works on gun control issues, agreed that the governor has the right to use the Virginia National Guard to enforce the law, though it would break from past mobilizations.

It certainly would be unprecedented.