Meanwhile, while Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer keeps trying to set the rules of the Senate’s impeachment trial, the House Rules Committee is busy setting up the rules of the House’s impeachment vote. Among those taking part is the vice-chair of the committee, Rep. Alcee Hastings — who as a federal judge was impeached in the ’80s on charges of bribery and perjury and removed from the bench.

Speaking of, weren’t the Democrats going to impeach President Trump on charges of bribery? And yet bribery is nowhere in the articles of impeachment, and it only came up once during the hearings — in regard to Joe Biden.

Well, at least Hastings has firsthand experience.

It sounds like a quid pro quo.

At least they always have a home in Congress.

Speaking of his work against corruption, don’t forget that taxpayers paid $220,000 in 2014 to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit against Hastings, and just last month, it was announced that Hastings was under investigation for allegations of a relationship with one of his staffers.