Michael Bloomberg is out with a new ad highlighting that there have been 263 school shootings since President Trump took office in January 2017, and he’s placing the blame squarely on Trump for his unwillingness to act.

Where does Bloomberg get his numbers? Probably from Everytown for Gun Safety, the organization he founded and largely bankrolls.

But you might remember back in 2018 when the Washington Post committed an act of journalism and fact-checked Everytown’s numbers (they’d claimed there’d been 18 school shootings between January 1 and Feb. 14, 2018). “It is a horrifying statistic. And it is wrong,” wrote the Post.

The thing is, you have to remember what Everytown considers a school shooting. A kid shooting a BB gun at a bus window was a school shooting. An adult man who committed suicide in his car in the parking lot of a building that used to be a school was a school shooting. A gang-related shooting in a school parking lot at midnight is a school shooting.

Bloomberg’s ad ends with Waukesha High School, and Cam Edwards, editor of Twitchy sister-site Bearing Arms, added some much-needed context.

Dana Loesch had some issues with the ad too.

Loesch writes at her website:

He purposefully says “students” to intimate that madmen are targeting kids at schools when in reality, every available statistical resource from BJS to FBI Uniform Crime Reports to countless pediatric surveys (like this one) show that the tragedy is due to older teenagers involved in gang activity and suicide. While this doesn’t subtract from the unfortunate loss of life, it is an important distinction. Bloomberg conflates this point and carefully omits this important detail.

Instead of examining why it seems that youth today have a shorter fuse (or examining at closer detail how they obtained their illegally possessed firearm, either through the black market or by stealing it from somewhere, including their parents — which then existing negligence laws may come into play with additional charges), Bloomberg chooses to bizarrely … blame Trump.

In the meantime, the latest spending bill expected to pass Congress includes $25 million for “gun violence research” by the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health.


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