For what it’s worth, Greta Thunberg has apologized to everyone who misinterpreted her comment earlier about putting world leaders against the wall. While it sure sounded like she was describing a firing squad, she has said she was improvising in her second language, and all she meant was to hold them accountable. Guess the line didn’t poll well.

In other Greta news, the Washington Post has a piece centered around Thunberg reminding us all that although she might fall on the autism spectrum, she and others like her deserve not to be dismissed as the pawns of others.

Donald Trump’s attempts to discredit Thunberg are the latest attempt to show autistic people can’t speak for themselves? We’ll admit that Trump could maybe tweet a little less about Thunberg, but what tweet attempted to show that all autistic people can’t speak for themselves?

By the way, in case you forgot Thunberg has Aspberger’s, CNN’s Chris Cillizza was there to remind you. Funny how progressives always bring that up whenever she’s criticized.